alan lam
Have always had a camera in my hand everywhere I travel or everywhere I run.  I enjoy exploring in my running shoes with camera in hand.  It brings me tremendous amount of joy to be able to capture your special moments in life, whether it be a family portrait session, your wedding day or simply your race photo from your first ever race, when I see your smiling faces and joy spilling out of the images, it motivates me to work harder, to go further for you.
Your memories.  My passion.
I have been a runner all my life.  And a photographer for just as long.  Ever since a teenager when my uncle gave me my first 35mm film SLR camera, I have been in love with photography.  I grew up doing track & field and cross-country running.  Ran my very first road marathon in 1999 and first ultra in 2005.  To date, I have finished over 50 marathons and trail ultras.  I have worked part-time at 2 of the local running stores for over 10 years.  I have also been a race director for many years.  I love to chat about running shoes and camera gears as much as course flagging and race marketing.
Thank you for visiting.  Be who you are.

In darkest night, you make your sun
You choose your race, and then you run
You lose the moon, then be a star
It's not what you have; it's who you are
It's Who You Are ~ Sung by A.J. Michalka